• The Weeklings is an animated comedy series starring the Days of the Week!


    The series chronicles the everyday adventures of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each character has the personality of how each day feels.

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  • Sunday

    Sunday is a true Southern Belle. She's warm, inviting and motherly!



    No one likes Monday! But she's misunderstood. Her eccentric personality often puts people off. Despite this, she has good intentions and is kind-hearted


    Tuesday is the voice of reason. He is quite knowledgeable in a variety of subjects, which he never hesitates to show. His competitive nature and leader-of-the-pack mentality always has him in charge of everything.


    Despite being an eight-foot-tall monster, Wednesday is very shy, yet sweet. She’s a little slower than most and has a heart of gold.


    Thursday is a bit insecure and does whatever he can to stand out and be fun! He’s always up on the latest dance craves, plays every sport ( badly) and he is always up on pop culture.


    Friday is naturally cool, calm and collected. Everyone loves him. He’s calm cool and collected. He’s an extrovert with a personality that draws everyone in. Even with all the attention, he remains humble and caring of others.


    Saturday is very popular. She’s perky, artistic and always down to try new things. Her open mindedness and impulsive nature often times get her into trouble.

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